Cicero’s Wisdom

“A room without books is like a body without a soul.”


When you walk into someones home and see books lined up on a bookshelf or stacked on a table, how does it make you feel? Perhaps it evokes a warm and fuzzy feeling, piques your curiosity or even a feeling of internal excitement. I personally feel a sense of mystery and coziness. They give depth to a home, to a person.

Good Old Fashioned Books

My thoughts right now are to bring your attention away from modern technology just for a moment and reminisce about the time when we only had books to rely on. We relied on a phone for making phone calls and having a conversation, nothing more. I tell my daughter “you know what I had growing up? A house phone that attached to the wall! And we memorized every phone number that we needed.”  I actually pride myself on that statement because it means that we exercised and conditioned our brains in a way that we don’t naturally nowadays.

Unfortunately, our brains are suffering the consequences of our modern day technology. As a society, we are suffering the effects of digital dementia. That means, issues with memory and cognitive skills due to mobile devices. Eeeek!

“Leaders are readers.”


Jim Kwik, CEO and founder of Kwik Learning knows this best. He’s a world expert in memory and brain performance and talks about the effects of digital dementia. He also teaches how you can read one book every week. Impressive right? I say go for it! There’s no better time than now to start brushing up on your reading habits and continue to expand your existing home library or start a new collection.

I think it’s safe to say that reading books is crucial to our health in more ways than one. When we read a paperback or hardcover, it improves our memory and concentration better than if to read from a piece of technology. It expands our emotional intelligence and enhances our creativity while avoiding the risks of EMF’s emanating from our smartphones, tablets, and computers.  

Times sure have changed and so has our technology, but one thing’s for sure… we need to have books in our home and make reading them a priority. In fact, I will go so far as to say we need to make reading books one of our first priorities.

They also carry nostalgia… I love the way an old book smells and how it feels when holding it in my hands. The ability to underline and take notes inside the pages if needed and personalizing them with my favorite bookmark. Paperback or hardcover… old, new, or used… they’re a necessity!

Wisdom Then, Wisdom Now

Roman Philosopher Marcus Tullius Cicero (106 BC – 43 BC) knew a thing or two about books and literature. A philosophical writer, orator, statesman, lawyer, and scholar he was. His writings were eloquent and laced with such wisdom that Enlightenment thinkers borrowed thoughts and turns of phrase from him. His wisdom still applies today after all these centuries.


“Ordinary people have big t.v.’s Extraordinary people have big libraries.”


I don’t know about you, but I’d rather be extraordinary than ordinary! If you don’t already know, Robin Sharma is one of the top leadership experts in the world and he is ever so eloquent yet fierce when he delivers his thoughts and speech. He’s the epitome of motivational tough love. He gets down to the core of a human and pulls out the extraordinary in each and every one of us. He’s also the author of a few great books. The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari (which I happen to be reading at the moment), The Leader Who Had No Title, and come this November the long-awaited new release The 5 AM Club just to name a few. The wisdom laced throughout his books will change your life, you won’t be sorry.

Decorating With Books

My daughter recently brought home her school Book Fair wishlist with a newsletter attached. In it was a very encouraging reminder. It said: Adding books to any home, at any time, increase a child’s chance for success. Those words stood out to me. It is vital to instill in our children the importance of reading books, to encourage them to read, and that having books in our home is a friendly reminder to read them.

Now that we’ve covered the importance of reading and using real books instead of modern technology, let’s bring it back around to the decorating aspect of having books in our home.

As I mentioned earlier, books bring a sense of warmth and depth to your interior surroundings. Stack them up if they’re just for decoration and you aren’t planning on reading them any time soon. Have a wall unit layered with rows of books and literature. Coffee table books are always a hit. I love when I sit down on the sofa at someone’s house and there’s a fascinating oversized book lying right in front of me on the coffee table just waiting to be picked up.

Let’s face it…without books in a room or throughout a home, it could feel a bit shallow and quite frankly… empty. Yikes!

“If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.”


Books add a touch of harmony, depth, and wisdom to our home interior as well as our personal interior. Like all other elements of interior decor, books evoke an emotional response that ignites our soul, keeps us creative and alive.

Without a doubt, make reading books a priority in your life, not just for decoration. But, if you’re just not into reading or claim you’re too busy to have the time to read, fill your home with books anyway. You never know what might nudge you to pick one up and start reading it!

Whether you choose to decorate your home with books, use them for reading or both, they are a vital component in our lives and they definitely have a valuable place in our interior. Surely, Cicero knew what he was talking about didn’t he!

How do you like to style your home with books? I would love to hear which Robin Sharma books you chose and any other reads you ended up with.

By sharing and commenting we keep each other inspired. Until next time—xo


  • 3 months ago

    At every place I have lived I have always found a place put my books in my living room, I don’t know why I did it I just did. I read a lot when I was younger and off and on as I got older. I have been living in my apartment now for over a year and haven’t read a book on my shelf, I think its time.

    • Amy Delgado
      3 months ago

      No better time than now Justin! I appreciate your honesty too.. They’re always there for you whenever you’re ready to read them. Sometimes we just need that nudge. I’d love to hear what book you’re going to pick up!

  • 2 months ago

    Great article. I share similar sentiments about having books in my home even though I am not an avid reader. A bookshelf with books I have read or would like to read someday surely is inspiring. The pieces of literature I have read back in high school are kept with great sentimental values.
    I like your creativity and designs. The presence is really nice and relaxing.

    All the best.

    • Amy Delgado
      2 months ago

      That is beautiful for you to have literature from the past that carries sentiments. Your home sounds like it has a story and warm vibe to it! Thank you for the compliment and for sharing.

  • 2 months ago

    My home is covered in books, stacks on tables, fireplace, the floor even! I’ve always been a lover of books and enjoy the feel of the pages between my fingers and smell of the binding and pages! It’s very much a part of my home decorating and tells the company I have a little bit about my personality by the titles strewn across my coffee tables!

    • Amy Delgado
      2 months ago

      That’s beautiful Alicia!

  • Stephen W.
    1 month ago

    Excellent writing Amy. This blog showed up in my newsfeed through facebook. You really bring it back to a genuine place and make one think about things. Thank you for the recommendations to, I am very familiar with Robin Sharma and really enjoy his books. I have not gotten to the 5 am club yet, so thats next on my list. Thank you.

    • Amy Delgado
      1 month ago

      Thank you so much Stephen… keep me posted on your new finds and 5 am!

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