Our Personal Home Goods For Interior Survival

“A house is much more than a mere shelter, it should lift us emotionally and spiritually.”


Have you ever been faced with having to prepare for a natural disaster such as a hurricane?  I’ve recently had my first experience of preparing for a major hurricane and it’s a little stressful to deal with! With that said, I felt the need to share it with you here in a blog. Nothing life-changing per se, but perhaps you can relate on some level of emotion even if you’ve never been through anything like a hurricane. 

Let me tell you… Preparing for a hurricane will make you feel uprooted. One day you’re enjoying your home and everything you put in it to make it home. The next thing you know, you’re preparing mentally, physically and emotionally to lose the interior comforts of your cozy abode and quite possibly your whole home.


Enter…. survival mode. And I mean our personal home goods for interior survival, mode.

In this swift moment of transition, we realize how attached we have become to some or all of all our personal home belongings. This survival mode “realization” can put us into a panic because we might not be able to take everything that comforts us to survive outside our home. Or quite the opposite, we are able to simply take what we can and know will help us survive and comfort us outside our home. I feel as if my home goods/decor is kind of like my security blanket. Oh dear!

It’s a natural process for human beings to want to cling to their precious belongings for survival, especially when they carry sentimental value. Our home goods comfort and bring us joy. It was brought into your home for one reason or another. Sometimes those very things we have in our home help us get through life, without ever even realizing it. Everything we worked so hard for, to have in our interior walls can be here one day and gone the next. Devastating to even think about! Hence, we enter survival mode. It’s what we do best when faced with a stressful situation.

Through feeling this home survival instinct, I gained a newfound insight into my “interior.” I know, deep stuff here lol.

I went into survival mode with my precious home goods. I took down my wall mirrors and put them in the bathroom along with my table vase filled with tall black bamboo stalks. Moved my beloved Casa Stradivari chairs and 2 tiered glass vintage end tables away from the window, pushing them to the center of the room. I’m sure I looked like a lunatic, but I wasn’t taking any chances… This was survival time!

After I finished meticulously rearranging my home, my daughter and I headed to my moms with our necessities packed in overnight bags, pillows and blankets included. Honestly, all I cared about at this point was our life and safety. All of the material belongings that make my house a home suddenly became obsolete. It’s all replaceable I thought as if a fresh new
beginning was on the horizon after the storm passed.

“After every storm the sun will smile; for every problem there is a solution, and the soul’s indefeasible duty is to be of good cheer.”


Well, the storm finally passed and thankfully it didn’t strike land quite as bad as anticipated. Once it was over, we still had to be given the green light from officials before heading back out on the road. So two days later my daughter and I graciously kissed my mom goodbye, gathered our overnight bags and ventured back to our unscathed home. How thankful we were that everything turned out ok.  And how we missed home and everything in it!

First thing I did… you got it… I started putting everything back where it belonged. Ever so grateful through the process might I add!

Pushing, lifting, hanging, pulling and dragging everything back into it’s perfectly designated place. I missed my home interior and also how my surroundings made my “interior” feel.

Below is a picture I captured of a beautiful rainbow that appeared two days after the storm passed.

We had to get the kids out of the house since there was no school for the rest of the week. So I took my daughter and her friend to the park. Since a lot of businesses were still closed and the whole area was in need of clean up, the park was one of the only places to go. Even though the playground area of the park was flooded with water, we still got out to appreciate what we had through nature and our surroundings.

I took a moment to stop and reflect. It was as if this rainbow was speaking directly to us saying “if I can stretch out and arch my opalescent colors in the sky through storm clouds after a hurricane blows through, then you have the power and strength within to overcome anything life throws your way no matter what it is.”  We were grateful.


Bringing it back to the aspect of our home goods for “interior” survival… the whole experience made me appreciate even the little things we have. Not to mention most importantly, life itself!

It made me realize how much we rely on our home not only for shelter but also for how our interior decor can lift us emotionally and spiritually. What we surround ourselves in our home with, helps us survive in our daily life, go figure! Home is a shelter away from the outside world of busyness and activities. It’s our internal refuge so to speak.

So with all that said… Whether it be an accent chair, your favorite sheets, pillows, a throw blanket, books, framed pictures, candles, plants, coasters, tissue box cover or even just a mug (you get the idea) without even being consciously aware of it, these simple things in our home are what lift us emotionally and spiritually… and soothe our soul.

As always, I like to end my blog with my readers in mind— By leaving comments below we help inspire each other. Please share your own story or any thoughts that come up. I’ll be seeing you… xo


  • Gregg Peters
    5 months ago

    I love your website and your story! Please share more of your thoughts.

    • Amy Delgado
      5 months ago

      Thank you Gregg, I appreciate your comment and the follow!

  • Carole
    1 month ago

    Very nice true story and I can understand you very well. I have been victim of Florida hurricanes alone with my children. I am originally from Canada so this was totally new for me. Before the storm I video tape every room of my house in case I need to file insurance claim, I would have had proof. It is very scary and very stressful and lot of preparation so I thank you very much for sharing your story!

    • Amy Delgado
      1 month ago

      That was smart to do Carol. I’m glad I could relate with you, it’s always comforting when you can share an experience like this with someone, so Thank you!

  • Justin Wheeler
    4 weeks ago

    Inspirational story Amy, thank you for sharing your personal experience, good reading. Great blog.

    • Amy Delgado
      4 weeks ago

      Thank you Justin…

  • 3 weeks ago

    Crazy hurricanes! While boarding up our home for the last one and storing items in our “bunker closet” I mostly grabbed my books, my favorite blankets, a few pieces of jewelry, my dog and boyfriend LOL. Thankfully we weren’t hit to bad and all my loved ones and friends made it thru just fine. Glad you guys were safe! Thx for the story Amy!

    • Amy Delgado
      3 weeks ago

      Sounds like you grabbed all of your most precious belongings that really make your house feel like a home wherever you are. Happy to know you and your family ended up safe too. Thank you so much for sharing your experience, Alicia!

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