The Value In Editing Furniture For Our Home

“Be a ruthless editor of what you allow into your home. Ask yourselves, what does this object mean to me?”


Ah yes… the elephant in the room.  Furniture, furniture, and more furniture!  What would we do without furniture in our home?  It’s a necessity. It serves a function, almost always with a purpose. It is the main ingredient and the center of attraction in every room in the home. (Unless it’s an absolutely stunning chandelier of course… wink).

Furniture is a crucial component when decorating, and like everything else we choose to have in our surroundings, it should be thought out carefully.

Thoughtful Budget Decorating 

If you’re anything like me, you are always “on a budget.” Belieeeeve me, I totally get it. You have the vision, shopped around hitting up all the stores and browsed online but just cannot justify the high price tags that come with it. If we have the opportunity to take hand me downs because it’s free, we gladly take it. You can find a diamond in the rough with thrift stores and garage sales but it’s a hit or miss. Our lives are so hurried today that we barely have time to go strolling in and out of stores to fine tune our home.

With that said, Amazon has quite an impressive home decor department with quite a few fabulous brands:

Now House by Jonathan Adler
Elle Decor

Stone & Beam

Amazon has come a long way in the home decor department and I’m quite impressed with their extensive line of home decor and trendy brands.  

Keep in mind as you’re shopping on the “budget”, you don’t end up getting something just because you desperately need “something” to fill in the space. Hence, Nate Berkus’s quote at the opening, whatever the case is… be thoughtful about what you choose to accept or buy, as it should always be a reflection of you.

I personally love thrift store shopping to find the “deal of the century” on a piece of furniture. It’s so much fun when your friends and family come over and see your abode for the first time. Have you ever had this experience? After having a look around, they land their eyes on the elephant in the room. In this case, it’s a chic vintage sofa. They ask “where did you find that?”  Ready to burst at the seams with excitement you just ask them “guess how much I paid for it?”  They guess how much and then you tell them and they say “NO WAY!”  Then you say “I SURE DID!” as you grin with a sparkle in your eye.

Being on a budget forces us to expand our horizons and think outside the box. It creates rich stories to tell afterward. We just have to be a ruthless editor throughout the process.

At one time or another, you might have been in a situation where you had to accept furniture a dear family member or friend was giving away. It finally made its way into your home and… reality sunk in. Hmm, regret.  Here it comes…the classic reactive thought process… “OMG what was I thinking!” Right?! I’ve been there, I feel you.

But there’s good news… There’s always a way to make it work! 

Let me just tell you now, that hand me down is a cinch to fix. Sometimes you’ve gotta make it work because there is no other choice. A slipcover always works but if a slipcover is too pricey for you, just get an oversized throw blanket and tuck it into the seat area of the sofa or drape it over the whole sofa. OR just get a painters canvas drop cloth. You can find one online or in your local Home Depot or Lowes. Just be sure when you take measurements that you leave enough extra room for the tuck in. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with making lemonade out of our lemons when needed. Your guests will admire you even more for your clever savviness. 

Whether it’s bedroom, dining room, kitchen, office, living room or outdoor furniture and decor, take into consideration what inspires you from the heart. Be mindful yet ruthless when editing furniture and any objects that will end up in your home along the way in life. After all, you’re the one that has to live with it!

Choose wisely but have fun at the same time. As Nate Berkus said (genius by the way) be a ruthless editor of what you allow into your home. What do these objects mean to YOU and will they add value to YOUR home?

Instill that thought process and questions into your mind as you are searching for the perfect pieces to fill your home and you will be pleasantly surprised with what turns up. This will create a level of contentment and harmony within your “interior” be it external or internal. 

Remember, it is these very choices that bring value to our lives and makes our house feel like a home. Furniture is no exception.

What are your personal experiences with decorating and furniture choices? I would love to hear from you, please share by commenting below!


  • Jimmer Mackinnon
    1 month ago

    Isn’t life strange?
    This is my first read here and I totally relate to it and it’s simple, but so overlooked by many. So much wisdom this presents to the reader. Now Nate’s quote will stick with me… ESPECIALLY when I have that new log/ timber frame home built and finished! <3

    • Amy Delgado
      1 month ago

      Thank you Jimmer for your insight! Good luck with your new log/timber home in the making… I would love to see pics when it’s done! I admire your concious ability to care for your home through care for the environment. And yes, keep Nate Berkus’s quote in the back of your mind at all times! 😄

  • Sara K.
    4 weeks ago

    I went through a period of time where I kept buying pieces of furniture that I loved or thought I loved. But when I put it all together in my house it didn’t go well lol. I have since changed my habits of choosing more wisely so I can totally relate with you. Thank you for your insight, Great blog!

    • Amy Delgado
      4 weeks ago

      I hear you Sara… thank you!

  • 3 weeks ago

    Having grown up in a military family and knowing how to move a lot I quickly became creative with my home decor and thought of each new home as a new decorating adventure! The newness of replacing what I couldn’t always take with me and the comfort of the items I could only made them more sentimental in my world. Love your blog and the pics are very inspirational! Thanks Amy

    • Amy Delgado
      3 weeks ago

      You have a super great way of looking at things! Seems like you really know how to make the most of a new environment and look at it as an opportunity to keep your creativity alive. Thanks Alicia!

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